Ariel L Garcia - Animator

2022  3D Animator in DNEG Feature Films. (Under the Boardwalk, Nimona, That Christmas)

2021  3D Animator in El Ranchito ´See´ (2nd season) 

2020 Senior 3D Animator in Tadeo Jones 3, movie by LightBox Animation Studios, Madrid, Spain.

Workshop ´Explote your reel´ in Animun 3D with Manuel Aparicio and Roger Gimenez as mentors.

2018 Senior 3D Animator at Orchid Creation.

2016 Senior 3D Animator in Tech Omega Zeta, Barcelona, Spain. 

I had participated for first time in a Video Game based in the book We´re going on a Bear Hunt by Lucid Games.

2014 I joined FRAMEZERO as Creative Director supervising Discovery Channel signals promos; Disney projects, Fox ; and studio´s pilots.

2013 I had participated and completed the program TALENTO 3D specialized in Character Animation, by exMetegol Staff coordinated with INCAA and ENERC.  

2012 I founded MUSHKA! Animation Store. That year we won the Best Animation commercial award of ExpoToons with FIAT - Grand Sienna Stickers, the first commercial I have ever directed. We also worked in spots for England, Netherlands, Brazil and Argentina.

2004 I joined for 8 years as Bitt Animation & VFX staff, the most important commertial animation studio in the region, as one of their 3D Animators. I was trained there and started to animate in 3D, using Lightwave and later, Maya. Working with brands as CocaCola, Pepsi, Cheetos, Mitsubishi, Ford, Renault, Movistar, Lipton, and a lot more, for countries like Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, USA, England, Spain and Mexico.

2003 I worked as Traditional Animator in Patoruzito, movie by Patagonik Film Group2002. // I worked as Traditional Animator in TEO, Cazador Intergaláctico movie by Shazam S.A. 

2000 I was Interbetweener and Animator Assistant in LOS PINTIN (Penguins to the rescue) movie by Patagonik Film Group

1999 I started as Inker in LOS PINTIN animated TV serie. This was my first contact in the animation world thanks to Patagonik Film Group.

I started studying 2D traditional animation at Bujos school, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


  • 2022 - "See's" Rock-a-Bye 8th episode won outstanding supporting visual effects VES Awards
  • 2013 - Mushka! Animation Store "FIAT Grand Siena Stickers" Best animated TV Spot  EXPOTOONS 
  • 2006 - Bitt Animation "Volswagen - DogFish" Cannes Golden Lion / San Sebastian Gold / FIAP Silver / Ojo de Iberoamerica Gold / Ciclope
  • 2005- Bitt Animation "Renault - Ballons" 
  • 2005 - Bitt Animation "Ford - Rooster" NY Festival / FIAP Silver / Circulo de Creativos Plata / Lapiz de Oro