i n    t h e    a n i m a t i o n    w o r l d    s i n c e   1 9 9 9 

Ariel L Garcia - Animator

+20 years in the Animation Industry
• More than 200 TV Animated Advertisements
• Films participations:

         2016 - "ON THE MILKY ROAD" (by Emir Kusturika, Serbia)   

         2006 -"YO-RHAD, Un Amico Dallo Spazio"(Italy) - 2D Animator

        2003 -"PATORUZITO" (Argentina) - 2D Animator

        2002 - "TEO CAZADOR INTERGALACTICO" (Argentina) - 2D Animator

       2000 - "LOS PINTIN al Rescate" (Argentina) - 2D Animator Assistant 

2020 Back to freelancing.

2018 Senior 3D Animator at Orchid Creation.

2017 Worked as Freelance 3D Animator in several projects. 

2016 Senior 3D Animator in Tech Omega Zeta, Barcelona, Spain. I had participated with the animation of the Video Game by the hand of LUCID Games, with the game "We´re going on a Bear Hunt".

2014 I joined FRAMEZERO as Creative Director supervising Discovery Channel signals promos; projetcs of Disney, Fox; and FrameZero´s project pilots

2013 I had participated and completed the program "TALENTO 3D" specialized in Character Animation, at Metegol Studios coordinated by INCAA and ENERC.I was incorporated as Motion Graphics Lead Animator for QUDOS Animation (London).

2012 I founded MUSHKA! Animation Store, and we won the Best Animation commercial award of "ExpoToons" with "FIAT - Grand Sienna Stickers" the first commercial I had directed. We made spots for England, Netherlands, Brazil and Argentina.

2004 I joined Bitt Animation & VFX as staff, the most important animation studio in the region, as one of their 3D Animators. I´d be a member of the permanent staff for 8 years.I was trained there and started to animate in 3D, using Lightwave and later, MayaI worked making commercials of brands such as CocaCola, Pepsi, Cheetos, Mitsubishi, Ford, Renault, Movistar, Lipton, and a lot more, for countries like Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, USA, England, Spain and Mexico.

2003 I worked as Traditional Animator drawing in the movie "Patoruzito" for Patagonik Film Group2002 I worked as Traditional Animator drawing in the movie "TEO, Cazador Intergaláctico" for Shazam S.A.

2000 I was Interbetweener and Animator Assistant in "LOS PINTIN" (Penguins to the rescue) the movie for Patagonik Film Group

1999 I started as Inker in "LOS PINTIN" animated TV cartoon serie. This was my first contact in animation world for Patagonik Film Group

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  • 2013 - Mushka! Animation Store "FIAT Grand Siena Stickers" Best animated TV Spot  EXPOTOONS 
  • 2006 - Bitt Animation "Volswagen - DogFish" Cannes Golden Lion / San Sebastian Gold / FIAP Silver / Ojo de Iberoamerica Gold / Ciclope
  • 2005- Bitt Animation "Renault - Ballons" 
  • 2005 - Bitt Animation "Ford - Rooster" NY Festival / FIAP Silver / Circulo de Creativos Plata / Lapiz de Oro 

Gerardo Sebastian Verrone

Software Developer at National Securities Commission (NSC)

"I have worked closely with Ariel for over 3 years and have really got to witness just how wide-ranging his talents as an animator are.
His vast background in traditional animation direction sets him apart from his peers and that's the major reason why his CG Animations shine!
As a Lead Animator he was constantly involved in the rigging process giving me precise recommendations on how to approach each work.
Ariel told me once "If you want to help me in my work, make the rig simple, and clean of madness controllers"
After so many years working in the TD field I figure his thoughts and recommendations where one of the best school I ever had as a rigger.
Ariel is one of the most skilled Character and Creature Animator I had worked with!
It was a pleasure to work with him and the rest of the team of Bitt Animation and I hope to cross professional path again."

Ancel Patterson

VFX Compositor at Freelance

"Ariel is one of the most talented animators that I ever known. His skills and speed to resolve any shot are impressive. Is a great person, and is very easy to work with him."